Hell is forever, 2009

In this exhibition, the artist Magda Tóthová refines her original concept of telling stories by means of space oriented installation and the use of various media, including collages, sculptures and painting.
Hell is forever is based on Alfred Bester’s novel of the same name (published in 1946) in which the „Devil” offers five protagonists, bored by life and sensual pleasures, the chance to bring into being their own universe. All five characters seize the opportunity and pursue, betimes more actively, betimes more passively, their suppressed desires and longings. All they imagine to be able to conceive, however, turns into a rebirth of their own hell.
In her work, Magda Tóthová invents a sixth protagonist who is likewise seduced by the „Devil“ into creating her own individual universe. In order to approach the ideal, this character constructs a world filled with geometrical forms, from which she seeks to banish negative experiences and abysses. But like the other protagonists, she too loses herself in her images and perceptions, and no one attains their strived for perfection. In her inimitable imagery, Magda Tóthová portrays a human failure which begins with boundless individual ideas and goals – and thereby generates a direct reference to current global events.
(Text: Christof Habres)

mixed media on canvas acrylic on newspaper, wood, wire 20x30cm, mixed media on paper 20x30cm, mixed media on paper 20x30cm, mixed media on paper 30x40cm, mixed media on paper 20x30cm, mixed media on paper 66x201cm, acrylic on alabaster Detail Detail Detail Detail