Everything must come into focus, 2013

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Lately I’ve had this feeling that everything has began to suffer under the circumstances of my production modus. Labour becomes indefinite. The pressure that generates itself out of the demands of the market became contra-productive,and at the same time it still felt natural.

I create
you consume
you buy
but what if I create
and you don’t buy even if you consume
you still expect me to create more
or do you stop expecting me to create and I stop to create, while you cease to consume.

One art piece or an endless number of art pieces a circle or /and a triangle?
What do you prefer?
Which symbol attracts you?
Which one is questioning you?
Your consumption?
Your behavior of consumption?
My behavior of creation?

Which one brings you into focus?

I am staring at everything, this is happening outside of my window. I would like to close my window, never open the door again. There are still ways to get to me. Images of media and abstract drawings distract me, but they become clear the moment I put them together. I pretend that they are problem solving future machines, of course they fail. Is this about a landscape or an abstract figure? An abstract figure covering a landscape? or simply a ready-to-use stretched canvas with pre-printed outlines for professional and amateur artists?

Mirroring what I see, what I consume. An endless repetition of discontent and my need to see things others don’t want to see. That’s what I think. This seems to me as my own pitiful transcendence. I am beginning to bore myself. I start to look out for strategies to survive the void of knowledge and escape the pressure that I allow them to put on me. Books don’t always help. If I unmask myself and show the others that my knowledge and talent is hardly exceptional, does my production still have a value? I am tired, I feel exhausted. I am at my critical limit, my criticism is boring and narcissistic and doesn’t lead anywhere, at best to a new video work you are watching now.

The images,the objects, paint, canvas, frame, color, plaster, iron, paper, found footage, desire and inquisitiveness.

Everything must come into focus.

canvas, paperstick, sticker 70cm x 50cm, mixed media on wood 70cm x 50cm, mixed media on wood fabric, plaster fabric, plaster, iron 40x30cm, Acryl on canvas 40x30cm, Acryl on canvas 40x30cm, Acryl on canvas 40x30cm, Acryl on canvas